Consumers that pre-ordered their next-gen consoles in time, or are willing to risk fatigue and frostbite by waiting in midnight release lines, will be able to have their hands on a PlayStation 4 by the end of this week. Most gamers that snag a console on November 15 have probably already picked out a few exclusive launch titles to purchase as well, but thrifty shooter fans out there should remember not to overlook the PS4 port of Digital Extreme’s Warframe.

The free-to-play third-person shooter will be available for soon-to-be PS4 owners on day one. We put a lot of hours into both the closed and open beta (check out our impressions) of the PC version and it looks like the PS4 port is poised to deliver the same addicting four-player co-op experience that had us hooked over the summer.

The Prophet-centric teaser trailer focuses on AladV, the leader of one of the game’s four different factions.

As fans of the PC version, the cinematic trailer is pretty exciting to us; but it may be a little too cryptic for potential players that aren’t already familiar with the game’s premise. Gamers that are interested in what they see should go back and watch gameplay footage from the PC version or revisit the full-length PS4 trailer, which includes much more in-game action.

The real selling point of Warframe is the addictive four-play co-op mode. The focus on community and clan-building in the game makes it a perfect candidate to take full advantage of the social connectivity and community features offered by the PS4. Players can expect to see Digital Extreme harness the power of those new tools to really push the social aspect of the third-person shooter. The new community tools will also play nicely with Warframe Nexus, the game’s companion app, that will offer second screen functionality. The app will allow players to perform in-game tasks and receive alerts from the game, while away from their consoles. Users can also use the app to schedule play sessions with co-op buddies.

To help motivate Sony fans to jump into the battle, an Ultimate Fan Pack full of goodies is being reserved for players that pre-order the game by November 12. The PS4 exclusive bonus pack includes a Braton Rifle weapon skin, 50 Platinum, and 20,000 Credits. Players can use all those free Credits and Platinum to shop for items and upgrades in the Market and get an early edge on the competition. Digital Extremes will continue to offer monthly content for Warframe well after the game’s PS4 launch.

Warframe PS4 Bonus

Keep in mind that unlike most pre-order bonuses, this special pack is just as free as the rest of the game. Consumers don’t actually need to spend any money to pre-order the game and receive the pack, they just need to visit the PlayStation Store (online or on the PS3) and commit to downloading Warframe by November 12. That only leaves one more day, so we recommend you lock in your pre-order ASAP if you are interested in the free in-game Warframe swag.


Warframe releases on the PS4 November 15. The PC version is currently in open beta.

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Source: PlayStation Blog