Several days ago, the developers at Digital Extremes put out a teaser trailer for Warframe‘s forthcoming expansion known as Plains of Eidolon, which is expected to release for the third-person shooter on all available platforms later this year. Now, the studio has decided to give fans of the game an even better idea of the forthcoming content by putting out a little more than 22 minutes of gameplay for the title’s largest add-on yet.

As seen below in the latest piece of gameplay footage for Warframe‘s next expansion, Plains of Eidolon will be the first open world zone added to the free-to-play game, and the area set to be included in the title appears to be quite massive with about nine square kilometers to explore. Those who watch the video to completion will be able to see the developers battle a massive Eidolon and take down Grineer encampments in the process.

For those out of the loop on what Warframe has planned for the future with Plains of Eidolon, the expansion will include a day and night cycle, as well as fresh story that’s told through various non-playable characters (NPCs) who live in the city of Cetus. Not to mention, the add-on will introduce the Ostrons – that is, scavengers of biomechanical tissue from Orokin Towers – and new mission types that will allow for the discovery and construction of new weapons, Warframes, and other items.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s great to see Warframe‘s developers continue to push the boundaries of the 2013 release with even more content in the Plains of Eidolon expansion. Not only should the launch of the forthcoming add-on provide long-time players with even more reason to continue their adventures in the game, but also it could possibly thwart most of the Destiny comparisons that the title receives.

Warframe is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with its Plains of Eidolon expansion set to release sometime later this year.

Source: PlayWarframe – YouTube