Whether you call it free-to-play or pay-to-win, gaming’s latest schema is a hot topic on an even hotter streak. Its ethos is simple – download, duke it out and die. Die so many times in fact that you’re obliged to drop a few dollars here and there just to redress the balance, to remain relevant, and to keep up with the winning team.

Warframe from Digital Extremes isn’t quite as bad as all that, though, as ever, money does plenty of talking. Instead, the independent studio has crafted an exciting and enjoyable squad-based shooter with a heavy emphasis on variety. Stick with the basic set and you’ll find yourself grinding away hours in the hopes of securing a cool, new way to play. Pay the toll and you’ll have access to some of the sweetest suits this side of Pacific Rim, and all in less than a heartbeat. You might even say it’s unfair…

Given the price of entry most gamers don’t seem to mind, with Digital Extreme’s latest figures pointing to 5.5 million players on the PC entry alone. To celebrate this massive mark, the studio has unveiled an all-new patch, complete with original warframe designs, games modes and more. To check out Warframe‘s developers discussing the update hit the video up top — for the 12.0 release notes, keep on reading.

ZEPHYR – Specializing in air attacks and mobility, Zephyr dominates from above. Begin building her in the new Tenno Research Lab in your Dojo.

NEW MISSION TYPE – Interception: Intercept interplanetary communication that is being beamed to four towers on the map. The more towers you capture and hold, the faster you can decode the message. Keep the enemy at bay or they’ll decode the message for themselves.

NEW WEAPONS – A number of new weapons are now available including the Phage Shotgun, Jat Kittag Jet Powered Polearm, Dual Cestra Sidearms and the Akstiletto Dual UZI.

LEVEL EXPANSION – The Forest Tileset has returned and is now found in all “Earth” missions!

MOD STACKING – Mods will now be organized in stacks in the Arsenal to improve duplicate Mod management.

NEW TENNO LAB – The new Tenno Research Lab allows you to construct Warframes in a new way – in your Dojo!

NEW IN-GAME HUD – An updated Heads Up Display provides a refreshed and simplified playing experience.

ALTERNATE HELMET – A Paladin has never looked so good! Give Oberon a fresh look with a new Alternate Helmet – Oryx.

NEW WARFRAME SKINS – Customize your Warframe with four new Warframe Immortal Skins!

Warframe Update 12

Unfortunately for PlayStation gamers, there’s been no word yet as to when the update will appear for PS4. Having lagged behind its PC-cousin for some time, the two titles were finally aligned back in December, when Digital Extremes released the ‘Valkyr Unleashed’ 11.0 update. This compilation arrived some 3 weeks after its PC counterpart, though considering it also collected many other tweaks and updates, players should expect a longer turnaround this time out.

Are you more likely to buy a 20-dollar game or drop 20 dollars into a free-to-play title? Is a booming player-base enough to make you overlook a game’s shortcomings? Where can Digital Extremes improve upon the overall Warframe package? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest Warframe news, right here on Game Rant.


Warframe is now available to play on PC and PlayStation 4. The title utilizes a free-to-play model, with certain optional extras available for an added fee. Update 12 has not yet been confirmed for the PlayStation 4.

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