[Update: We’ve been playing. Watch our Warframe open beta gameplay preview!]

Earlier this year a few of the Game Rant team jumped into the closed beta of a free-to-play online co-op game titled Warframe, developed by Canadian studio Digital Extremes. Today, you can too since Warframe is in open beta, and more importantly, is awesome.

Think about the best parts of Mass Effect 3‘s co-op mode (after all the DLC and patches) and then add more of everything and more dynamic combat and controls. That’s scratching the surface of what Warframe is.

Warframe lets players in teams up for up to four, play through a series of missions. They take on the role on Tenno, a race of ancient warriors awakened in cryopods to a war, who wear Warframe armored suits that grant them special abilities.

The Tenno are masters of combat, and wield a melee weapon in addition to a primary and secondary firearm. As players destroy enemies and complete mission objectives they gain experience that allow them to upgrade weapons and suits, leading to the unlocking of powers.

Warframe Open Beta

A limited amount of players have enjoyed the closed beta since October but today marks the public release where anyone can download and play. And just in time for the public hands-on release is the latest content update:

Coinciding with Open Beta, the game received its largest feature update yet. Update 7 includes a highly anticipated open environment snow planet, 2 new Warframes with poison and sonic powers, a Sentinel pet system, and a new Global Chat feature. The most radical feature in this update is the re-vamp of the Mod System that has added a new level of depth to customizing your arsenal. Adding some of the stealth flavor seen in the original Dark Sector sci-fi concept of 2004, the update also provides players with stealth attack options and a new hunting bow called The Paris.

Gameplay lets players traverse obstacles, run up the side of walls, wall while working together to fight against the Grineer (rotting, militaristic humans obsessed with technology) and the Corpus (focused on trade, very advanced). There are also the Infested (think: zombified versions of the basic Grineer and Corpus units).

As players travels the systems from one mission to the next, new enemy types and boss fights make up for new and changing battles. See for yourself at warframe.com.

Warframe is currently in open beta for PC.

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