TSA Addresses Bringing Warcraft Weapons Onto Planes


Restrictions on what you can and cannot take on an airplane can be confusing. For instance, if one's carrying a power bank, it needs to go in as a carry-on. However, if somebody is carrying a replica weapon, it needs to go in as checked luggage. This can be problematic for people who are Warcraft fans who have combined the two items.

That's exactly what happened to Twitch admin and Warcraft devotee Itaku, who cleverly housed a power bank inside a recreation of the legendary Doomhammer to kill two birds with one stone. However, having learned of the potential breach of TSA regulations, Itaku took to Twitter to ask for advice.

Let this be a lesson to convention attendees, game cosplayers, and everyone else who might want to pack a greathammer for their next trip. Putting a power bank inside the relic is a great idea — until one realizes that it needs to be stowed inside their carry-on and their checked bag simultaneously.

It's worth noting that whoever runs the AskTSA Twitter account clearly has a basic knowledge of Warcraft lore. While World of Warcraft has seen its ups and downs in recent years, it's clear that the franchise as a whole still has a great deal of cultural cachet.

The Warcraft franchise is one of Blizzard's most enduring series in the company's history.

Source: BoingBoing

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