Warcraft director Duncan Jones discusses the possibility of a sequel on Twitter, stating that no plans have been made yet while sharing details on what the sequel could cover.

Despite a potentially strong contender in the Assassin’s Creed film that debuted late in 2016, Duncan Jones’ Warcraft remains the most successful video game movie of all time, thanks largely in part to its strong presence in China. Despite Warcraft‘s claim to that title, however, the film is still on track to miss the mark and lose money overall, as video game movies still struggle to break through with mainstream audiences.

That discrepancy, between the admittedly dubious accolades attributed to Warcraft and the overall failure of those achievements in translating into box office success, might be the reason no plans have been made for a Warcraft sequel just yet. Duncan Jones isn’t letting that stop him from planning an entire trilogy for the Warcraft films, though, and the director recently took to Twitter to share some insight into how he might tell the story of the next two films if they are made:

That tweet in particular is in reference to how Jones would write the Alliance’s side of the story, after the betrayal of Medivh and the death of Llane Wrynn leave the predominately human political party in shambles. Jones also went on to describe how the film’s orcs would make a violent bid for freedom before cautioning against fans expecting too much of Warcraft‘s incredibly deep lore to be explored in just one trilogy:

Despite the fact that some moviegoers found the film a little too complicated to understand even after being condensed to be appealing to newcomers to the world of WarcraftWarcraft has found support from a number of high-profile sources, including the director of Star Wars Episode 8. Just because the film might end up losing some money, too, doesn’t mean that it won’t be made – it’s simply a matter of whether or not the studio believes that Jones can make a trilogy that will perform better as it goes on.

While a Warcraft sequel remains something that can neither be confirmed or denied, the success of the Warcraft franchise, particularly World of Warcraft, is still a definite within the video game industry. World of Warcraft: Legion released recently to rave reviews, with many critics praising the expansion as the best one Blizzard has ever released in the game’s existence – lofty claims that become even more impressive after considering the fact that World of Warcraft has been around for over a decade. If the games continue to find success and fans still fervently support them, it’s a safer bet to count on a Warcraft sequel eventually than to dismiss it as a one-off in gaming’s tumultuous history with cinema.