Halloween and Freaky Friday star Jamie Lee Curtis makes no secret of her Warcraft fandom as she attends the premiere of the new movie decked out in orc cosplay.

This week marks the release of the Warcraft movie, prompting a glitzy premiere in Hollywood last night. These events usually see film industry insiders walk the red carpet in slick tuxedos and fashionable designer ensembles — but last night, noted scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis opted for some less conventional attire.

Curtis turned up to see the film in full orc cosplay, clearly stating that her loyalties lie with the green-tinged side of the conflict depicted in Warcraft. However, it should be noted that the actress doesn’t appear in the movie, which perhaps makes the effort put into her costume even more admirable.

Donning a headdress and deep-red robes, Curtis took on the role of shaman for one night only. Meanwhile, her son accompanied her, wearing the battle armour and a helmet of an orcish warrior.

Previously, Curtis used cosplay to remain incognito as she accompanied her son on a trip to fighting game tournament Evo 2015. On that occasion, the True Lies actress wore the signature mask of Street Fighter combatant Vega to keep her identity secret from the scores in attendance.

However, there was no such subterfuge at the Warcraft premiere. Curtis and her son posed for pictures on the red carpet, even joining a bunch of cosplay-wearing fans who were in attendance for a few snaps.

Curtis and her son should be commended for the quality of their costuming — and the nerve of stepping out at such a public event while dressed as orcs. However, it has to be said that their outfits pale in comparison to the work that has been put into the production design of the Warcraft movie.

Ever since we saw the first trailer hyping up the film, it’s been clear that every effort has been made to make Warcraft faithful to its source material. It’s clear that director Duncan Jones and his crew have an enormous appreciation for the world set up by the games and the deep lore that runs through it.

However, it remains to be seen whether this will be enough to conjure up an audience that goes beyond just the game’s hardcore fanbase. Warcraft is obviously intended to be a mainstream multiplex hit, but early response to the movie suggests that it might not be for everyone.

Warcraft releases in theaters June 10, 2016.

Source: VG247