WarCraft is indoubtably one of the biggest intellectual properties in the gaming world, and has been driven by World of Warcraft for some time now. Many fans still yearn for another real-time strategy title akin to WarCraft 3, which wowed gamers with its sharp 3D environment, new races and a rigorous new gameplay system. Since Blizzard hasn’t announced any official RTS Follow-Up for the series, a group of modders have decided to build a complete overhaul mod, taking StarCraft 2 and exchanging the charred lands of Mar Sara for the fruitful lands of Azeroth. The mod is still in its infancy, but it’s shaping up to be a potentially amazing project.

The studio behind the extensive overhaul modification “Wreckin Krew” has released a five minute long video showing off some orcish building structures, hero units, day and night cycles, and gold-hire creep creatures. It’ll bring back some great nostalgia for the WarCraft 3 days, and despite the fact that it’s not even in alpha yet, it looks pretty good running on StarCraft 2‘s Havok physics engine:

If any gamers are worried that the pre-alpha still looks ‘too rusty’, it should be noted that even StarCraft 2 looked pretty choppy during development. Modding is a process that takes a lot of time, and polishing the aesthetic of a project is typically one of the latest steps a group will take. Looking back from their postings from August 2012, you can see that the video released this weekend is leaps and bounds ahead of what they had mere months ago.

There’s no word if the engine will be overhauled following the upcoming release of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, which is bound to feature some engine-based enhancements. Since no development schedule has been released yet, there’s no knowing when the mod will be able to reach public hands. For now, gamers can only hope the studio – which already saw one WarCraft overhaul project fall apart – can keep all-hands on deck until the project is completed.

We’ll keep a close eye on the project and let you all know if it makes any leaps and bounds.

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Source: PC Gamer