Warcraft Movie Gets Honest Trailer Treatment


Screen Junkies publishes an Honest Trailer of this summer's Warcraft film, lampooning the movie's large cast of characters and unsatisfying ending sequence.

The Warcraft film was, from the very beginning, an overly ambitious project. The lore in the Warcraft universe is so deep and complex that even the first film made about it saw many people having to rely on Warcraft character guides to understand the premise. While that steep learning curve wasn't enough to keep people out of theatres - Warcraft became the most successful video game movie ever this summer - it was enough to generate some mixed reviews from critics who weren't necessarily the diehard fans the movie felt as though it was marketed towards.

The talented people at Screen Junkies noticed the movie's daunting narrative and, as is their custom, made an Honest Trailer about Warcraft that pokes fun at some of its weaker elements. The trailer, shown below, even contains a less-than-subtle nod at the World of Warcraft fans who played a huge role in the film's box office success, featuring a guest narrator at the end of the video whose knowledge of Azeroth is impressive - if not slightly concerning.


The trailer describes Warcraft as "the world's most expensive unskippable cutscene" while also suggesting that the film's narrative is quite boring as a result of being based on the Warcraft franchise. While funny, the trailer might also be an insightful look at why Warcraft has received such mixed reviews, even from fans. Blizzard offered gamers a free copy of World of Warcraft if they saw Warcraft in theatres, and while the movie does feature some noteworthy characters from the MMORPG its place on the timeline is well before the events of the popular PC game ever take place.

Beyond the fact that Warcraft showcases what many fans believe to be the most boring era of Azeroth's storied history, the trailer also cheekily refers to characters as "that little mage guy" and "King Monotone", suggesting that the ensemble cast can be difficult to keep track of. To be fair, World of Warcraft has had a decade to establish many of those characters as relevant, while the movie only had a few hours, but the point still stands.

While the Honest Trailer of Warcraft is well worth a watch, the film's success in the box office means there could be a sequel in the future. Blizzard's juggernaut franchise will keep moving forward in the meantime, though, as World of Warcraft just released its Mythic difficulty Emerald Nightmare raid and will see a huge content patch in the near future called Return to Karazhan.

Warcraft is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Source: Screen Junkies (via GameSpot)

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