Patrick Stewart is a renaissance man. He’s done Shakespere in both London and on Broadway. He’s acted in several feature films including the X-Men franchise. He’s even voiced the Emperor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Plus he’s Jean-Luc from Star Trek! There’s just something about his voice that lends gravitas and elegance to any situation.

It’s already been revealed that Stewart will be playing the voice of the narrator in Other Ocean Interactive’s The War of the Worlds which is being published by Paramount Digital Entertainment. You may remember that this game showed up at E3 this year, and you can read our War of the Worlds impressions to see why we¬†thought that it looked reminiscent of Prince of Persia. However, even following that pedigree, there were doubts regarding how the game’s substance would hold up given its status as a downloadable title for XBLA and PSN.

Yesterday we were treated to some new screenshots from the level titled ‘Paddington Station’. You may remember seeing a segment of this level in the War of the Worlds teaser trailer that we previously posted in June. Today¬†we have two new screenshots as well as a piece of finalized concept art for the level (used as the banner for this post, and also viewable below in higher res). Its interesting to note that the level in question still looks very paintbrush heavy in terms of the strokes for the artwork even after being rendered for the game. The screenshots are posted below:

To recap, The War of the Worlds is a 2D platformer where players are tasked with surviving an alien invasion of Earth. The game takes its inspiration both from the original H.G. Wells novel and from the 1953 sci-fi film adaptation. Players take on the role of a London everyman named Arthur Clarke. In fact, the premise behind the Paddington level, according to the accompanying press release, is that our hero has just awoken after a train crash. After surveying the damage around him he realizes that he must survive and reach his family in an effort to save them. The game features a 2D perspective with a heavy emphasis on platforming in order to avoid traps and other dangers.

The War of the Worlds is scheduled for a Fall release on XBLA and PSN.