Waluigi Added to Super Smash Bros Brawl

Everyone’s favorite trouble making bizarro Luigi has entered the Super Smash Bros. Brawl battle ground with the help of some very clever hacks. Waluigi is fully equipped with a library of move sets, taunts, and even a final smash!

While everyone waits for Nintendo‘s next highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. title — which is rumored to be called Super Smash Bros. Universea clever group of minds got together to add another character to the SSBB universe. Currently, non-hackers will only find Waluigi accessible through the Assist Trophy item – but as a playable character, he has a lot of good qualities based on the video (seen below).

Pit and King Dedede fans will find a difficult choice here – as they’ll have to sacrifice one of the two characters in order for Waluigi to fit into the roster. That said, the hack is especially clever – given that if Kirby sucks Waluigi up, the pink fluff will actually have Waluigi’s moves too!

However, there are still a few bugs: Snake’s C4s, if stuck to Waluigi, won’t always blow him up, when players win a round in classic mode the camera zooms in on Waluigi’s feet, and when thrown, the character’s tennis racket shows up, but only for the thrown animation.

Watch Waluigi in action with a full tutorial on his move set and a battle against Pikachu below:


What do you think? Would it be worth sacrificing Pit or any other character to add Waluigi as a playable character? If you could add a character to Super Smash Bros. Brawl or let’s just say the unofficially titled Super Smash Bros. Universe who would you add who isn’t already on the roster?

Source: Joystiq (via KC-MM)

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