We’re rounding up the most interesting finds around the Internet this week with a bunch of funny videos that will tickle the mind. The arsenal of videos we have this round involve Halo, Skyrim, Uncharted, and Battlefield 3. Each video is very different – yet entertaining in their own right.

The narrator of Bastion has jumped ship and decided to pull for team Skyrim. We also find Battlefield 3′s EOD bot taking on the role of WALL-E in a trailer mashup. One dedicated fan created a short in honor of Uncharted and Master Chief schools King Leonidas in an rap battle of epic proportions!

First, let’s start it off with Skyrim. A fan of Bastion has made a character in the world of Skyrim to resemble the life of the kid. The video is put together nicely, lining up the story with the ambiance and setting of Skyrim. It is more of a gruesome tale seeing it in this way – rather than the colorful world of Bastion. While this video doesn’t quiet reach the hilarity of the GR Pick depicting what Skyrim would look like in 2012, it’s still worth a look.

Check out the video below:


The EOD bot is almost as cute as WALL-E and, at times, makes Battlefield 3 a bit more lighthearted (and the war torn destruction more pleasant). Whomever was controlling this EOD bot picked the right movements and captured WALL-E near-perfectly. A story like this integrated into Battlefield 3 could have certainly given the game a lot more emotional depth! The part of EVE was also a good casting choice.

Check out the video below:


Fan films can be hit or miss, but this Uncharted short film is a little in-between. It has the right tone for Uncharted but, as with a lot of fan projects, the acting and dialogue are a bit awkward. This is definitely an amateur attempt without the polished over glam of something like Dan Trachtenberg’s 9-minute Portal film. The result it is an enjoyable attempt that will certainly be entertaining for series fans.

Check it out below:


Last but not least is the Epic Rap Battles of History between King Leonidas from 300 and Master Chief from the Halo series. We’ve seen great Epic Rap Battles of History before between Dr. Doom and Albert Wesker. This time, the two Spartans match up in a battle of wits and rhymes where only one can be the true champion. Who will win?

Check out the video below:


Which one did you like the best? In your opinion, who won the rap battle? Send us any videos you find fascinating, funny, or just straight up weird and maybe they will make the cut next time!

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