Over the past year, developer Telltale Games has fast established themselves as a premiere storytelling powerhouse due in large part to the success of The Walking Dead. They then followed hot on the heels of TWD‘s success with The Wolf Among Us, yet another strong showing from a developer that, in the past, struggled to stay relevant in today’s market.

It is because of those two titles, The Walking Dead most especially, that Telltale has been afforded new opportunities and partnerships, like their forthcoming Game of Thrones adaptation and Tales from the Borderlands. So, it feels appropriate that the developer continue to expand these two titles to as many gamers as possible.

Telltale has this week announced plans to bring The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us to current-gen platforms — i.e. the PS4 and the Xbox One. – as well as last-gen platforms. The Walking Dead S1 is already available in retail form, but not on PS4 or Xbox One, whereas Season 2 of TWD and The Wolf Among Us are currently only available in digital form. As of this writing, no release date has been revealed, but there will be three options in total: The Walking Dead Season 1 GOTY Edition, which will include the 400 Days DLC; The Walking Dead Season 2; and The Wolf Among Us Season 1.

While The Walking Dead Season 1 is presumably ready to go for current-gen, both Season 2 of TWD and Season 1 of The Wolf Among Us have yet to conclude their last-gen runs. The Walking Dead still has two episodes left to release, likely in July and September of this year, while The Wolf Among Us has one episode left.

The Walking Dead Season Two Release Date

With that in mind we don’t expect either of these current-gen ports to hit before fall 2014. Telltale does say they will have more to say about these offerings soon, potentially at E3 2014, so fans shouldn’t have to wait long to decide whether to push through to the end of either story or hold out for (presumably) improved console versions.

What improvements gamers can expect out of these ports, however, is unclear. We’d hope that the increased horsepower of the PS4 and the Xbox One will squash the games’ struggles with transitions, and a crisper overall presentation would be nice. Aside from that, though, there isn’t too much to ask from Telltale with regards to the current-gen leap. An option to carry save files between platforms would be nice, but we’re not holding our breath.

Are you excited for the release of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us on current-gen consoles? Will you wait to play either?

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