TellTale Games' 'The Walking Dead' Releases First Episode in April

The Walking Dead Gets Release Date

Back at Comic-Con TellTale Games treated Game Rant to an early look at their forthcoming adaptation of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead graphic novel series, which showed a lot of promise both in terms of its storytelling and gameplay possibilities. Unfortunately what was on display during Comic Con was very rough, and hadn't really entered the "game" stage.

But now, TellTale Games is nearing completion on The Walking Dead, and they just recently announced when the game's first episode (1 of 5) would be releasing.

Starting in April, and continuing on at regular intervals, The Walking Dead will release on Xbox Live, the PSN, PC, Mac, and iOS devices. There's no word on just how regularly these Walking Dead episodes will release, but based on the developer's track record with properties like Back to the Future we'd say every one or two months sounds about right.

Though TellTale has given gamers a pretty good idea of how this Walking Dead adaptation would play out through screenshots and story details, much of the gameplay in question is still relatively unclear. During Comic Con we were told that there would be some sort of action-based element included, but what that would be was not detailed.

Despite the TV show's heavy emphasis on violence TellTale still believes that The Walking Dead, at its core, is a story about survival amidst zombies, not survival from zombies, as if they are the weather.

So we may have a relatively clear release window and schedule for The Walking Dead, and we might know what platforms the first episode will be releasing on, but what we don't know is what has our interests piqued. TellTale has always been a developer that is known to take risks, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of storytelling, and we hope that The Walking Dead will be no different when it hits in April.

Are you looking forward to seeing TellTale Games' take on Kirkman's The Walking Dead? Would you like to see TellTale adopt more traditional gameplay conventions or stick to their tried and true formula?

The Walking Dead releases its first episode in April on the PC, Mac, Xbox Live, PSN, and iOS devices.

Source: IGN

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