Telltale Games announces that the reveal for the third season of The Walking Dead episodic game series will take place this Sunday as part of E3 2016.

The episodic adventure game series The Walking Dead from Telltale Games helped the studio rise to prominence back in 2012, and fans will soon be able to get their first glimpse at the next chapter in the ongoing saga. As announced earlier today by Telltale Games, the third season of The Walking Dead will be revealed this Sunday as part of E3.

Telltale isn’t hosting its own press conference at E3, so instead, the reveal will take place during a livestream on IGN. Those that want to see the reveal for The Walking Dead can tune in to IGN at 3:00 PM Pacific on Sunday, which should come right after the conclusion of EA’s E3 2016 press conference.

Unfortunately, for those impatient for more information on what the next season of The Walking Dead has in store, Telltale didn’t divulge any further details on the game in its post. However, some clues have been dropped in the past, and it will be interesting to see if those hints are proven accurate come Sunday’s reveal.

For example, it’s been suggested previously that The Walking Dead season 3 will have an older Clementine. This would mean a time jump from the end of season 2 to the beginning of season 3, and would align the timelines of Telltale’s game series and The Walking Dead comic books.

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In turn, this could allow for more crossovers between the game and the comics. The first season of The Walking Dead featured a couple of characters from the comic series, but the second season shied away from doing crossovers. With Telltale doing a Michonne mini-series, chances are higher for the third season to perhaps feature more interactions between the video game group and the core group of survivors from the comic books.

Something else that may be revealed in the livestream on Sunday is the exact release date for the first episode of The Walking Dead. We already know that The Walking Dead‘s season premiere is this fall, but Telltale has yet to reveal a specific month, let alone an exact date.

However, with Telltale’s Batman project having its first episode drop this summer, it’s more likely that we will learn of a release date for that first. Even so, The Walking Dead reveal on Sunday is sure to be exciting for fans that have been following Clementine’s saga since the beginning, and it should pack plenty of info to get fans hyped for when that first episode finally drops this fall.

The third season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead will kick off this fall, presumably for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Source: Telltale Games