Telltale Games is known for their strong story telling abilities, and The Walking Dead was a large stepping stone in building this reputation. The first season was a massive success, and the studio has been teasing fans about Season 2 ever since. Now that they’ve released the season 2 Trailer, it looks like the studio is ready for some even bigger teases to come out for The Walking Dead.

The events of the second season of The Walking Dead take place chronologically after the events of the first, allowing for surviving characters to come back into the plot. It was already revealed that the game would focus on Clementine, the child whom Season 1’s Lee Everett made his main goal to protect. Now, a second character from the original season has been revealed via an in-game screenshot – and he’s none other than Omid, who was last seen in full retreat as the events of Season 1 reached a climax.

Here’s the image itself, featuring both Omid and Clementine at a familiar location:

The Walking Dead Season 2 Omid

Click here for the full resolution screenshot.

In the background of the photo, those who played the 400 Days DLC will also recognize Gil’s Pitstop, which featured prominently throughout the lesser-rated DLC. Choices that players make in the DLC will impact the second season, but if players haven’t purchased 400 Days than any elements which would be affected by those choices are pre-determined by the game along a default storyline – much akin to playing Mass Effect 3 without importing a save file from its predecessors.

In the first season, players have the option to make Lee tell Omid and his girlfriend Christa to take care of Clementine during their last encounter, which is certainly something that can have an impact if players carry over their saves. When Omid was first introduced in the series, he was amazed upon seeing Clementine, having not seen a child since the apocalypse began. Now, in season two, it looks like he’ll be integral to her survival.

The fate of Omid and Christa was left intentionally hidden, and the fact that only Omid is shown in the screenshot without his girlfriend might imply she’s met a fate of her own. Considering it was hinted at in the last episode that she may have been pregnant, Clementine would certainly fill a void for Omid if anything happened to Christa – but for now, that’s just speculation.

What do you think, Ranters? Do you like Omid, or would you rather see a different character make their return in season two?

The Walking Dead is expected to return for season 2 within the next few months, though delays are no stranger to the series.

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