‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two: ‘Amid the Ruins’ Release Date & Trailer

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[This article contains SPOILERS for The Walking Dead up to season 2, episode 3.]

The release schedule for Telltale Games’ fantasy noir story The Wolf Among Us recently overtook the second season of the studio’s breakout hit The Walking Dead, but fans of the series were promised that Clementine would be back before the end of July. Over two months have passed since the release of the third episode, ‘In Harm’s Way,’ so now is probably a good time to revisit that episode’s cliffhanger.

After managing to break out of the safehouse/prison run by the sadistic Carver, Clementine and the group found themselves surrounded by walkers and struggling to fight their way to survival. Carlos was brutally killed, causing Sarah to scream in horror and attract even more walkers, and the episode ended by giving the player a choice between chopping off Sarita’s freshly-bitten hand to prevent the spread of infection, or killing the walker that bit her.

Neither of those choices is a particularly good one, but players will be left to deal with the consequences of their actions in the penultimate episode of the season, ‘Amid the Ruins.’ In the new trailer for The Walking Dead season 2, episode 4, Kenny is shown nursing a severely weakened Sarita and reflecting upon the vicious beating that cost him his eye. Watch the trailer above and check out some new screenshots from the episode below.


The Walking Dead - Amid the Ruins - Clementine

The Walking Dead - Amid the Ruins - Kenny and Sarita

The Walking Dead - Amid the Ruins - Keyart

The Walking Dead - Amid the Ruins - Standoff

The episode’s title refers both to the “ruins” of the group and to the ruins of Parker’s Run, the location of a famous civil war battle that was later turned into a historical site. The memorial statue and its motto, ‘Forgotten, But Never Forsaken,” are strongly emphasized in this trailer, and Parker’s Run should prove to be an interesting setting for the next chapter of The Walking Dead.

Even with Carver left behind, there are plenty of troubles ahead for the group. Rebecca is ready to go into labor at any moment, and the only doctor in the group has been killed. Sarita’s life hangs in the balance and her death seems almost inevitable no matter what the player’s choice was (again, no doctor). Meanwhile, Jane warns Clementine that the group seems just about ready to fall apart under the pressure.

Hopefully nothing too stressful will happen in the next episode… right?

The Walking Dead season 2, episode 4, ‘Amid the Ruins’ releases on Tuesday 22nd July for PC, PS3 and PS Vita, on Wednesday 23rd July for Xbox 360 and on Thursday 24th July for iOS.

Source: Telltale Games