The Walking Dead Episode 3 - Key Art

The amount of love that gamers have for Telltale Games’ “choice and consequence” titles is directly proportional to the amount of hate they have for the long wait between episodes. It’s the sort of thing that could probably be plotted on a graph. Luckily, with two series currently on the go – Fables adaptation The Wolf Among Us and the second season of The Walking Dead – the episode releases are alternating so that there’s something new at least every couple of months.

With the third episode of The Wolf Among Us released a few weeks ago, anticipation is now turning to the third episode of The Walking Dead‘s second season. Episode two, ‘A House Divided,’ ended on a pretty terrifying note that followed some painfully tough ethical decisions, and it won’t be long until gamers get to find out the consequences of their choices.

To tease the next episode, which has been ominously titled ‘In Harm’s Way,’ Telltale has released a selection of screenshots showing Clementine and her group of survivors trying to stay in the land of the living. As if being under constant threat of walker attack wasn’t bad enough, chillingly callous leader Carver (voiced by Michael Madsen) has finally caught up to them and proven that he isn’t afraid of taking people’s lives just to prove a point.


The Walking Dead Episode 3 - The Horde

The Walking Dead - In Harm's Way - Key Art

The Walking Dead - In Harm's Way - Carver

The Walking Dead - In Harm's Way - Captured

Being held prisoner is bad enough when you can at least trust your fellow captors, but the members of Clementine’s group all have their own motives and weaknesses, and in some cases have made it clear just how far they’re willing to go in order to protect their interests. In a series that has previously given the player the chance to decide who lives and who days, it might be worth thinking about who Clementine’s most valuable allies are within the group.

Aside from Clementine – who it can be safely assumed will at least survive until the end of this season – any one of the characters in the group could be next on the chopping block. That screenshot of Carver brutally beating someone with a radio in his fist is pretty worrying. It would be nice to think that it’s just a walker, but “nice” isn’t a word that can often describe The Walking Dead.

Carver’s base of operations appears to be a large hardware store, which is probably where Clementine gets her hands on that nifty looking melee weapon. It also looks like she manages to escape at some point, though aside from Sarah it’s unclear whether anyone else manages to escape along with her.

The first screenshot for episode two was unveiled just a couple weeks before the episode itself was released, so expect to hear news of a premiere date for ‘In Harm’s Way’ soon.