'The Walking Dead' Gets Pricing and 'Join the Cast' Contest

The Walking Dead Pricing

It's been a whirlwind of news for TellTale Games' forthcoming adaptation of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead graphic novel, capping off with the reveal of the game's first trailer earlier this week. We do know that the first episode for the five part series is set to release some time in April, and now we know how much it and all episodes will cost.

As revealed yesterday by TellTale, the first episode for The Walking Dead will only set gamers back $5.00 on the PC, Mac, and PSN, which translates to 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Arcade. Fans that want to commit to the entire series in one go also will have the option of purchasing a $25 season pass on the TellTale online store. That season pass offering should start some time in late April — leading us to believe that's when the first episode will drop.

To add even more incentive to gamers that feel inclined to pick up the entire Walking Dead package in one fell swoop, TellTale will be offering Mac and PC players the opportunity to pre-order the bundle for a 10% discount ($22.50).  And, if that wasn't a sweet enough deal already, anyone who pre-orders the game is entered for the chance to be drawn into the fourth episode of the game as a survivor that has become a "walker."

If you've yet to see the art style TellTale is working with for The Walking Dead, make sure to give some of the screenshots a look, because getting rendered in this kind of unique detail would certainly be worth committing to a five episode series. But wait, there's more…

TellTale is also offering nearly every game they have released in the past decade — including Jurassic Park: The Game and Back to the Future — for just twenty more dollars, a real steal. All of the pertinent information, including more details on the contest, can be found at TellTale Games' online store.

Will you be purchasing The Walking Dead's season pass for a chance to get drawn into the game as a zombie?

The Walking Dead releases its first episode in April for the PC, Mac, PSN, and XBLA.

Source: TellTale (via Joystiq)

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