After the unprecedented success of Pokemon GO, it was only a matter of time until companies started releasing copycats in an attempt to cash in on the phenomenon. We’ve already seen strange Pokemon GO clones, like the Garfield game, but a newly announced Pokemon GO-style mobile game, The Walking Dead: Our World, from Next Games and AMC stands a legitimate shot at becoming the next big mobile gaming craze.

Based on the popular TV show and announced for iOS and Android mobile devices, The Walking Dead: Our World is a location-based augmented reality game in the vein of Pokemon GO. AMC and Next Level have released the first trailer for the game, which is a CG-fueled concept trailer that doesn’t feature any actual gameplay, but should give fans a general idea of what to expect from the final product.

In the trailer, we see people battle hordes of the undead in various locations, including grocery stores, parks, hospitals, and more. To fight off the zombie masses, players will have access to a variety of weapons, including knives, swords, guns, and grenades. Presumably, players will use these weapons by tapping and swiping their screens, and if the trailer is any indication, they will find them by simply exploring the real world, though it’s a safe bet that they will be available as microtransactions as well.

Besides fighting zombies themselves, it seems as though players will also be aided by characters from the TV show. In the trailer, players are saved by the crossbow-wielding Daryl on one occasion, and later join forces with Rick Grimes and Michonne to fight zombies in a supermarket. Whether or not these characters are actually in the game remains to be seen, however.

It’s worth reiterating that this trailer for The Walking Dead: Our World doesn’t show any actual gameplay, and there’s a chance a lot of the features won’t be in the game at launch or won’t work as intended. Pokemon GO had a similar trailer before its launch that made a lot of promises it couldn’t keep, and so mobile gamers should keep their expectations in check when they download The Walking Dead: Our World.

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead: Our World has no exact release date announced just yet. The trailer simply says that the game is “coming soon,” but with the television show’s season eight premiere airing on October 22nd, one has to imagine that the developers will want to take advantage of the new season’s hype.

The Walking Dead: Our World is in development for iOS and Android mobile devices.