Telltale Games releases a new trailer for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Parts 1 and 2) that shows how things have changed for Clementine since players last saw her.

Although fans have been anticipating a new season of The Walking Dead for quite some time now, it’s only this month that they are finally getting their wish. And in celebration of the release, developer Telltale Games is ramping up its marketing push.

Today, the first official trailer for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier released, giving fans a closer look at the story on offer in the new season. The trailer also better explains some of the story beats in the upcoming episode, including the multiple meanings of the title.

Check out the official trailer below:

With the time jump in A New Frontier, it makes sense that fans would have a lot of questions about what happened to Clementine since the end of season 2. Luckily, it appears Telltale won’t be glossing over those beats, but will tackle them head on. If nothing else, players should get some hints as to what happened to AJ, the baby Clementine was taking care of last time they saw her.

As far as Javier is concerned, it’s unclear at this point if he will be the sole playable character in the game, or if he and Clementine will be sharing the load. Having Clementine as a companion and not a playable character does hearken back to the first season of the game, but it’s also a risk for Telltale. Clementine has become a fan-favorite and any changes to her role in the narrative will need to be handled carefully.

Speaking of familiar faces, it appears that Jesus will be part of A New Frontier’s story, further bridging the connections between The Walking Dead game and The Walking Dead comic. Since it’s unclear where the game is set chronologically now as compared to the comic – remember that season 1 was set earlier – we will have to wait and see how things tie together. If nothing else, Jesus’ presence in the game is sure to get speculation going.

Finally, the trailer also confirms that The Walking Dead will be introducing players to a new community, which in this season is called The New Frontier. Like many of the communities formed in The Walking Dead comic and the TV show, The New Frontier seems suspicious, but the true intentions of the group likely won’t reveal themselves until later on.

All told it appears as if Telltale has set the stage for what should be an exciting premiere. In fact, this new season is so packed with content that the developers had to split the first episode into two, but thankfully they are releasing them at the same time. Look for more from The Walking Dead: A New Frontier as we get closer to release.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Parts 1 and 2) releases December 20, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.