Episode 1 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season ended with a serious cliffhanger, but now, players have received a glimpse into Episode 2: Suffer the Children. Revealed this past weekend at PAX West, this new trailer involves a three-minute conversation between Clementine and AJ, with the latter displaying his unique personality traits once more. For those who are on the fence about picking up this title, check out our review here.

For those who are wishing to avoid spoiler territory, it’s worth mentioning this new trailer is relatively spoiler-free, though it does reference a situation that many who played the first episode may be curious about. No, it’s not the ending, but it is likely to be a scenario that develops more as the story continues. Considering the number of stories that need to be wrapped up in The Walking Dead Final Seasonthis trailer does an excellent job of emphasizing the dark shadow that exists over Clementine and AJ.

Without further ado, fans of the franchise who want their first glimpse of Episode 2: Suffer the Children can do so here:

Considering the dark tones of the first episode, as well as the seriousness of this trailer, it’ll be interesting to see how this wraps up Clementine’s story and how it deals with AJ. After all, we know that this season is the end of Clementine’s story but not the fan-favorite series. Regardless, this doesn’t look like it’s heading toward a happy ending.

Although many may hope to see Clementine’s story end happily, especially those who have been following this newest season since it was announced a year ago, it just doesn’t look good. Finding Clementine in a role similar to Lee’s suggests a similar ending, but until the season reaches its finale, we simply don’t know. Be sure to check back for our review of Episode 2 once it launches!

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season launches September 25, 2018, for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.