'The Walking Dead' Gets Official Facebook Game

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AMC and RockYou are collaborating on a Social Game for The Walking Dead on Facebook. The announcement came the same way a friend might bring news to your attention on the site, by posting about it. The approach worked well and the game's page has already accumulated 139,000 likes.

Only a few screenshots have been released so far, which we've graciously posted below, but details aren't in short supply. The gist of the game is what you'd expect - players will go on missions, run into characters from the show and, of course, the most important part of any social gamerecruit your friends.

Players will be able to create their own unique teams to battle hordes of zombies, or "Walkers" as they are called on The Walking Dead, and protect their camp. Battles are done through a turn-based combat system and will include hundreds of missions that earn players awards and achievements.

To take down the walkers, the game features a "plethora of weapons"  available to those who can unlock them through different challenges. When not online, players will want to keep friends they've recruited around to protect their camps. The more friends added, the more players increase their ability to protect it. Familiar gimmick, no? The game promises a narrative experience, incorporating locations from the show and brand new locations exclusive to the game - which is good because the show has only taken the characters to about three locations in two seasons.

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Though not a big as TellTale's Walking Dead game, fans of the series will probably find this as an enjoyable, though not canonical, addition to the show. Social gamers will just have a good time killing zombies - a simple formula that rarely goes wrong. Those that want to play, join the thousands of others by liking the page and be the first to play it when it's released.

The Walking Dead Social Game will be available on Facebook in April 2012.

Source: TWDSG Facebook Page

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