We’ve got news of two free games for those who like free stuff (a.k.a. everyone). While The Walking Dead: Episode 1 and 2 are already available for free for PlayStation Plus users, iTunes has also joined in on the fun by making the first episode available for iOS users.

However, this is more a curse than a gift because once gamers dive headfirst into Episode 1 — A New Day they’ll be unable to resist downloading the remaining four episodes. The Spike VGAs weren’t wrong when they labeled Telltale Games‘ adaptation Game of the Year — it really is something special.

As well, the iOS version of The Walking Dead is a little more user friendly than the console versions, which try to adapt the formula of a point-and-click adventure game to a non-PC environment. It’s not terrible, but playing with a mouse or touch makes things much easier.

Joining The Walking Dead in the free games column is Kinect PartyDouble Fine‘s spiritual successor to Happy Action Theater. Essentially a mini-game collection/interactive experience using Microsoft’s Kinect, Kinect Party is the perfect title to break out during the holidays and get your relatives to make fools of themselves.

But act fast on picking up Kinect Party, as it will only be free for the next two weeks. Maybe you don’t even have a Kinect, but are planning on picking one up or receiving one for Christmas — might as well download now just to be safe.

Kinect Party Free

For those that might not have given Happy Action Theater a chance, this is also the perfect opportunity to see some of the zanier applications of the Kinect software. Sure, titles like Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim use voice commands to their advantage, but there are so many shortcomings when it comes to the device’s camera that most developers are struggling to find experiences that leverage those inherent flaws to great use.

And that’s exactly what Kinect Party does: it makes an arguably silly peripheral sillier, but also more fun. Just try and create your own dubstep video without a smile, we dare you.

Are there any gamers out there who will finally give The Walking Dead a chance? What about Kinect Party? Is a $0 price tag enough to get you to download the title?

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 is available for free on the iTunes Store.

Kinect Party is also free on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Source: Apple, Microsoft