One of the best things that gamers have been playing this year is the first season of TellTale GamesThe Walking Dead. So far four of the five planned episodes have been released, and the developer has express interest in continuing the game after the current season has come to an end. While gamers have been enjoying their time helping (or hindering) other survivors in-game, some fans have been unable to partake in the video game adaptation to one of their favorite series, and that’s because it’s only been available via digital distribution.

That’s all about to change however, because TellTale Games has announced that the game will be landing on store shelves this December.

The tangible copies of The Walking Dead will be arriving on PS3 and Xbox 360, and they’ll contain all five episodes of the game’s ongoing season. Gamers who’ve been holding out for The Walking Dead to arrive on a disc will have to pay $29.99 for the first season; meanwhile, those who plan on purchasing all the episodes from XBLA, PSN, or Steam only have to pay roughly $5 per episode. That being said, an extra $5 really isn’t something to get upset about, and the convenience of saving hard-drive space will be more than worth it for some console gamers.

Accompanying details on the standard retail versions of The Walking Dead, came confirmation of a GameStop exclusive Collector’s Edition. This version will come packaged with the 360 or PS3 version of the game and The Walking Dead Compendium which contains the first 48 issues of the comic book, and it’ll cost fans $69.99 for the whole kit and caboodle. Supplies are said to be very limited for this package though, so anyone hoping to snag one of these will have to get their pre-orders in as soon as possible.

The box art of the Collector’s Edition will sport exclusive art from Charlie Alder — the famed artist behind the The Walking Dead comic book series — and that news should be enough to make the mouths of die-hard fans water. Considering that the Compendium retails for $59.99 on its own, it really is a great deal for anyone who’s yet to be exposed to the best-selling comic book series.

The Walking Dead, and its gore-filled collector’s edition, will be available from retailers this December 4th for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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