Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, Wal-Mart went live with SNES Classic pre-orders, the first major retailer to do so. There was no fanfare and no official announcement, but that didn’t matter; the SNES Classic pre-orders sold out in less than an hour. Still, there remained something strange about the situation.

Turns out, Wal-Mart did not intend to put its SNES Classic pre-orders live and the retailer doesn’t yet know what exactly happened. And because the sale was not planned or prepared for, Wal-Mart has had to cancel many SNES Classic pre-orders as a result.

The good news is that not all Wal-Mart pre-orders for the SNES Classic have been cancelled, and according to a source at Wal-Mart plenty will stay as is. What this source told Game Rant is that the main reason Wal-Mart is cancelling some orders is to crackdown on resellers.

Basically, any transaction that may look like it is for resale will be cancelled by Wal-Mart. Any order that is made in bulk or looks to be geared towards a resale will not make it until the SNES Classic’s release in September.

Of course, not every order that Wal-Mart cancels will be for resale. As some gamers have pointed out, some orders have been cancelled because they were tied to new accounts. These accounts likely wanted to purchase the SNES Classic to capture a piece of Nintendo nostalgia, but a new account also sends up some red flags as well. Now that we know Wal-Mart is trying to crack down on resales, the cancellations make a little more sense.

The good news is that if Wal-Mart doesn’t suspect anything then the order will presumably go all the way through and be fulfilled. The SNES Classic is guaranteed to be a hot commodity whenever it does go on sale, so those who pre-ordered it should count themselves lucky.

Those that didn’t get a pre-order or had their pre-order cancelled, however, are not entirely out of luck. Nintendo has made a point to say that the SNES Classic will not repeat the sins of the NES Classic and will be available in greater quantities this fall.

That being said, Nintendo seems to have a proclivity for creating high demand through limited supply, and the SNES Classic is sure to be a highly sought after product. 21 classic games, including the unreleased Star Fox 2, are reason enough to test the uncertain waters of online pre-orders.

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