Many have made the argument that “the 3DS has no games,” but now 3DS owners have one more title to tide themselves over, Terry Cavanagh’s PC hit VVVVVV. For the uninitiated, VVVVVV is an old-school platformer through and through. Players are able to manipulate gravity to allow their character to traverse the dangerous terrain on an uncharted planet as they try to rescue their crew. What results is a game with charming visual style and an emphasis on pin point precision, lest the player be killed by a multitude of spikes and other deadly objects.

The 3DS version of VVVVVV will come with some improvements on the original PC title. Players can expect a few enhancements from the PC version that would work on the 3DS, such as:

  • 3D support (even though gamers seem to hate 3D).
  • New levels.
  • A mini map on the bottom of the screen.
  • Additional future updates.

There is no word on whether or not the level editor that was recently released for the PC will make its way over to the 3DS version, though with the lack of emphasis Nintendo puts on online play it seems unlikely that the 3DS infrastructure would allow it. Go figure.

If there’s one thing players should check out VVVVVV for (aside from its solid gameplay) it’s the amazing soundtrack. Many cite VVVVVV as having one of the best soundtracks in recent video game memory, and with good reason too. Everything about it screams old-school, and it definitely makes the multitude of deaths players will experience during play much more enjoyable.

VVVVVV currently does not have a set price for its 3DS release, though if one were to judge by the pricing on Steam, it is likely that the game could cost around $4.99., or a lot more a la Cut the Rope.

Will you be picking up VVVVVV when it launches on the 3DS, or are you going to wait for another deal akin to that of the Humble Indie Bundle?

VVVVVV is set to launch on the 3DS eShop later this year, and is available now on the PC.

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