Several resume postings and a trademark filing suggest that Saints Row developer Volition is currently working on a new project titled Agents of Mayhem.

Ever since work concluded on Saints Row 4 fans have been asking developer Volition, “What’s next?” Most assume that a Saints Row sequel/reboot is in the cards, but there has never been a guarantee when that might happen. Now, however, we have some strong hints as to what is next for the Saints Row devs.

Word of Volition’s next game, reportedly called Agents of Mayhem, comes by way of three separate sources, all or which corroborate work on the game and its title. In most cases, something as simple as a resume listing can blow the lid on an upcoming game, but in this case there are three smoking guns.

First up is a trademark filing with the European Union Intellectual Property Office by Koch Media. Koch Media, for those that may not know, is the media company that houses Deep Silver, its games publishing wing. And Deep Silver is the new publisher for Volition releases, specifically Saints Row, after acquiring the rights in the THQ bankruptcy auction.

Smoking gun number two is an animator’s resume that lists work on Agents of Mayhem between April and May of last year. However, unlike the trademark filing, this resume listing does not make any connections between the project and Deep Silver/Volition.

And finally stunt actor Brandon Molale lists Agents of Mayhem as one of his motion capture projects on his iStunt resume. Here is where the major connections are drawn, as Molale lists the Agents of Mayhem project alongside Frame Machine (the company the animator worked for) and Volition.

Pulling everything together it’s hard to refute the existence of Agents of Mayhem. Clearly the project has been in development for, at the very least, a one-year period at Volition, and is presumably poised to make its debut.

Volition Expanding Offices

E3 2016 would be a likely candidate for the Agents of Mayhem unveiling, but there are no guarantees. As we’ve seen this year more than any, E3 isn’t the be-all when it comes to game announcements anymore; plenty of publishers are holding their own events and finding success with them.

It’s also worth considering whether Agents of Mayhem is the actual title of the game, or if it’s a placeholder of some sort. Trademarks are typically filed even for placeholders or subtitles, simply to protect the property from any copycat or brand confusion scenarios.

Given the type of chaos that the Saints Row series tends to promote, even relish in, it’s easy to see Agents of Mayhem acting as the working title, or maybe even the subtitle, for the next entry in the series. Since Saints Row 3 threw all the rules out the window, gamers have been much more eager to see what the franchise has to offer. And with the power of new consoles, we bet that mayhem could be just the beginning.

Source: Game Informer