'Volcano Escape' iOS Review

Volcano Escape iOS

There are plenty of platformers in the iOS app store, including classics like Doodle Jump, and they keep on coming. The only way to stand out amongst the crowd is to be unique and pack some cool features. Although not perfect, Volcano Escape does just that.

In Volcano Escape, you play as Colonel Charlie Bravo who has just been sacrificed into a volcano. The object is to platform your way out before the lava reaches you, all while avoiding obstacles and shooting enemy natives that are inside the volcano as well.As you make your ascent, you can pick up various power-ups to help the process of escape. Anything from jetpacks, shields or new weapons will help you get out quickly.

The game features graphics that take advantage of the retina display very well and have a great deal of elements to create the volcanic environment. The various enemies, from the natives to the elemental foes are great and add to the challenge of the climb up. Although there are a great deal of quality visuals in the game, some older generation devices may have a hindered experience from the game's request to push out the animations.

One of the downfalls in Volcano Escape are the controls. The game features the on-screen joysticks as we've become accustomed to, the left side to control movement and the right to shoot. The movement doesn't feel very sturdy as the physics make the character seem somewhat weightless. Also, the jump button is a little closely placed above the shoot control, causing a somewhat frequent occurance to catch the wrong button.

Volcano Escape Character iOS

The desire for replay is enhanced by some social features and unlockable characters. Volcano Escape has in-game leaderboards as well as the ability to post your scores to social networks to challenge your friends to heat up the competition. There are also five additional characters you can unlock by completing various challenges in the game. Instead of being grayed out, you can see what they look like before unlocking them as well as a description of what you need to do to unlock them.

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Despite the hiccup in the controls, it's nothing that totally kills the experience of the game. With the quality in the visuals, social features, unlockable characters and a strong replay value, Volcano Escape is a great buy for any gamer that enjoys a good platformer.

Volcano Escape is available now in the iOS app store for $1.99.

Our Rating:

3.5 star out of 5 (Very Good)
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