Voice Casting For Final Fantasy Versus 13 Now Underway

Voice Casting for Final Fantasy Versus 13 Now Underway

All of you Final Fantasy fans out there will be pleased to know that Tetsuya Nomura has released an update on Final Fantasy Versus 13. Through Square Enix's The 3rd Birthday Twitter account, Nomura gave information about his other projects as well, including Final Fantasy Agito 13.

When discussing Versus 13, Nomura stated:

"Versus has had many difficulties, and past method of production have been completely inapplicable, but these are the difficulties of birth, so we are working hard. We have a lot to announce, but because we're going in order, I can't say too much yet."

Touching briefly upon both Versus and Agito's development progress, Nomura stated:

"Agito and Versus have different production styles and progress states, but they're both presently undergoing voice casting. 3rd's recording will end shortly. Next up is Agito."

If you thought for even one minute that you would get to see more of either Versus 13 or Agito at the upcoming Gamescom event, unfortunately, that will not be happening. Nomura did, however, state in a tweet that you can expect to see more of The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts at that show.

Tetsuya had recently expanded on details for Kingdom Hearts 3D as well as Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. The latest entry into the Kingdom Hearts series, Birth by Sleep is set to be released this September.

I feel that both Nomura and Square Enix currently have a good pace when it comes to the entire development process for their games. As far as the when their titles are released, I would love to see worldwide simultaneous releases of their games in the future.

What is your opinion on the current status of Square Enix's most anticipated titles? Do you feel that they are on a good schedule for both development and release? Can you not wait to get your hands on another Final Fantasy, or better yet another Kingdom Hearts title?

Final Fantasy Versus 13 is in development for the PlayStation 3 and the release is TBA.

Final Fantasy Agito 13 is currently in development for release on the PSP, with a TBA release date as well.

Source: Andriasang

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