Vizio M50-E1 4K TV Review

[Note: Game Rant was provided the Vizio M50-E1 for the purposes of this review]

As 4K gaming becomes more and more prevalent on console and PC, gamers will soon start to feel the pull towards a TV or monitor upgrade. Like 1080p before it, 4K video is leading the charge through gaming and options to support the resolution are regularly growing. Over the past month, Game Rant has been testing the Vizio M50-E1 UHD 4K display to see how it ranks among 4K sets and specifically for 4K gaming. And as far as affordable high quality TVs go, we have to say Vizio’s model is one of the best.

At 50” diagonal, the Vizio M50-E1 boasts more than enough real estate to support the size and scope necessary to make 4K shine. The model is elegant and features a very small footprint on any home entertainment center or table. Setup is simple and quick, and the TV can connect to wireless Internet for future upgrades.

The TV also features built in SmartCast software (driven by Google's Chromecast) so users can view streaming services like Netflix and Hulu without any additional devices. Moreover, SmartCast can connect to the Internet or grab URLs from mobile devices to stream content like YouTube videos or Twitch livestreams. There is no need to have the device active or connected, though, everything is handled by the TV. In a very general sense, the Vizio M50-E1 offers everything that a standard TV user could want.

Vizio M50 Smartcast Features

The display itself offers a crisp and clean presentation regardless of if you are viewing 1080p or 4K content. The TV is more than capable of producing rich blacks and bright colors, ensuring that any piece of content presents accurate tones and impressive visuals. There are also plenty of customization options for those users that prefer a warmer picture or who like a little less/more contrast to their video content.

Key Specs

But of course the display shines brightest when viewing 4K content. Obviously there isn’t a ton of content available in 4K, but streaming video looks stunning on the Vizio M50-E1. The picture is clear, the motion is crisp, and the color reproduction is second to none. You don’t really understand what 4K can offer in terms of a viewing experience, and let us just say that the TV is capable of delivering that wow factor.

Vizio M50 left angle

The impressive visuals carry into the UHD capabilities of the Vizio M50-E1, which supports all of the current spec like HDR 10 and the gorgeous Dolby Vision. Regardless of whether we were using a PC or a PS4 Pro, the TV had no issue delivering 4K content that is vibrant and full of detail. As gamers, we always want tech that will keep up with the growing trends, and the M50-E1 is positioned to be a solid choice for current 4K gaming and the eventual true 4K experience that the Xbox One X will bring.

Without question, the Vizio M50-E1 is a stunning display that features all the necessary bells and whistles to stay up to date with growing 4K content. But even those that want to stick to 1080p viewing will find that it is a crisp, clean display that meets their needs as well.

Vizio’s M50-E1 is available now

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