PlayStation Vita Getting Updated to 1.65 Very 'Soon'

Vita Update 1.65 Coming Soon

Sony's hot new handheld, the PlayStation Vita, is about to get a new update bringing its Firmware version up to 1.65. Of course, this is one of Sony's typical minor updates, and therefore doesn't carry anything major with it, only a few minor changes that should make any Vita users' life a little easier.

First up is a new option under the settings tab that will allow users to turn off notification alerts. Up until this point any sort of alert would typically pop up whilst playing games, but now those can be turned off altogether. It took Apple much longer to get a hold of their notifications for the iPhone, so at least Sony is being more receptive.

Another part of the update that shows Sony is listening to fans is an option under the Power Save settings that allows for the handheld to continue running for 10 minutes before going to sleep mode. One of the biggest inconveniences, albeit a minor one, is putting the Vita down for just a second, only to find it has gone to sleep once you go to pick it up again. Sure, matches of FIFA or chapters in Uncharted pick up right where they left off, but it's still a little annoying to have to constantly wake up the console.

The other much more minor additions in the update include caps lock for the touch keyboard and the appearance of an arrow icon when new activities are found in the LiveArea. Nothing too revolutionary there, or with the whole firmware update for that matter, but some welcome additions nonetheless. Also, there's no word on when this update will be going live, only that it should be "soon."

Despite being pretty fully featured right out of the gate there's still a lot that can be improved with the Vita's UI and the way in which it manages certain features. Surely, once this update goes live, Sony will be hard at work on another one, and hopefully this next one will be a major update.

What do you think of this forthcoming update for the PlayStation Vita? What are some things that are imperative for Sony to address in another update?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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