Co-Writer Behind Visceral's Star Wars Game Describes Title as 'Fun and Funny'

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For years, Visceral Games had been working on a single player Star Wars game until the studio was unceremoniously shut down a few days ago. Over the years, we've learned very little about Visceral's Star Wars project, but in the wake of the studio's demise and the game's reassignment to EA Vancouver, some details about it have come to light.

Todd Stashwick, who was co-writing the game with Uncharted series writer Amy Hennig, recently took to Twitter to speak about Visceral's version of the Star Wars game. Stashwick's full tweet can be found below, but perhaps the most interesting bit from it is that Stashwick describes the game as "fun and funny."

Visceral is known for making dark, gritty games like Dead Space and Battlefield: Hardline, so it is somewhat surprising that its Star Wars game was apparently lighthearted. However, the Star Wars franchise in general is known for balancing humor with heavy themes, so it makes sense for the game to have a lighter tone than the studio's previous efforts.

Whether or not that tone survives the transition from Visceral Games to EA Vancouver remains to be seen, however. We do know that major changes are being made to the game, with its focus shifting from being a linear, story-driven experience to a "games as a service"-type of product. It's likely big changes will be made to its plot as well, especially if Amy Hennig isn't involved anymore.

At the time of this writing, it's unclear if Hennig is still working on EA's single-player Star Wars game or not. Since it's not a complete overhaul of the project, it's possible the critically-acclaimed writer is being retained to pen the new vision for the game, but nothing official has been announced so far.

As we become further removed from Visceral's closure, more details about the studio and its version of the currently untitled Star Wars project should become apparent. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if EA Vancouver retains any of the story elements and the "fun and funny" tone from Visceral's version of the game.

Star Wars is currently in development for unspecified platforms by EA Vancouver.

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