Visceral's Star Wars Game Leak Offers New Story Details

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Visceral is making a so-far untitled Star Wars game, and other than that, little is known. Visceral didn't show off any of the Star Wars game at E3, leaving anticipation as high as ever. However, a recent rumor suggests the game could take place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back and would follow a character who dodged the military draft of the Empire and embedded himself among in the criminal underworld.

The rumor says the game is currently called "Project Ragtag" and will feature a protagonist nicknamed "Dodger." It will take place in the Star Wars galaxy's outer rim. It also details the protagonist's abilities, suggesting that he will use a light whip or grapple stick in combination with a blaster. The story will involve living the life of a criminal and even working for Jabba the Hutt, eventually working in resistance to the Empire as it seeks retribution for the destruction of the Death Star and targets the criminal elements of the outer rim.

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The former creative director of the Uncharted seriesAmy Hennig, is on board as the creative director of this new project. When she joined the project, that gave Star Wars fans a little to work with in hypothesizing what kind of game they could look forward to. Based on the details of this rumored leak, Visceral's untitled Star Wars game has some similarities to Uncharted. Roguish anti-hero? Criminal activity? Check. Lasso-like whip thing? Check.

Fans likely wouldn't bat an eye if the Visceral game turned out to be pretty similar in play-style to Uncharted, but dressed in Star Wars skin and story. After all, Star Wars Battlefront is fairly similar to the Battlefield series, but still manages to curry the favor of gamers everywhere.

These kinds of rumors always need to be dealt with carefully, though. For one thing, the Visceral Star Wars game's release date is years away, and a lot can change for a video game in a few years. And, of course, Visceral isn't going to come around and confirm the rumored leak, so until more is revealed of the game, none of us will know if this is a real leak or a clever guess at what an Uncharted game would be like if it were a Star Wars game instead.

Visceral's Star Wars game has not received a release date.

Source: MakingStarWars

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