Visceral's Star Wars Game Leak Suggests New Character and Sequel

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Visceral's Star Wars game has gotten another supposed leak. An earlier leak about the game suggested details about the Star Wars game's main character and back story, and called the game "Project Ragtag." This new leak offers details about another character who may be the protagonist's ally and a central figure in the story.

The details of the supposed leak describe an orphaned female now in her 30s named Robie Mattox. She was raised in a life of crime on the Coruscant's level 1313, hates droids, and is one of the few people the game's main character, Dodger, can trust. She's a brutal fighter, carries a blaster or sometimes a sniper rifle, and has the look of Doctor Aphra from the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic book series. The supposed leak goes on to suggest that Robie may take on the lead role in a sequel to the game.

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Much like the previous rumor about the Visceral Star Wars game's lead character, there's little to confirm the leak. The rumor about the character Dodger seemed like it could have been a guess, as there were numerous similarities between Dodger and Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series, and it's known that Amy Hennig came from being the creative director of the Uncharted series to take the same role on Visceral's game.

While it still wouldn't be awful to have an Uncharted-esque game set in the Star Wars universe, this leak also feels like it points in that direction. Having a sidekick who can hold their own in a fight was a common trope in Uncharted. A follow up game where a female character takes the lead role? Look no further than Uncharted: The Lost LegacyThe leak doesn't mention any source–not even an anonymous source.

Visceral's Star Wars game is still years away, so even if these leaks are true right now, there's plenty of time in development for the characters and plot to change. We can't expect Visceral to confirm these leaks either, so until we get a trailer or some official details, anyone's guess as to the plot and characters of the game is as good as the next persons.

Visceral's Star Wars game has not received a release date.

Source: Making Star Wars 

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