Dead Space developer Visceral Games and publisher Electronic Arts have made no secret about their intentions to craft a new franchise out of their survival shooter. In keeping with that theme, a set of job listings have popped up for the developer that claim to be for the Dead Space franchise.

Though the positions — senior development director, audio director, and senior VFX artist — don’t give any indication about what type of title they would be working on, it’s still great to hear that Dead Space 2 did well enough to keep the series going.

There is no mention of if this title will be another numbered entry for the series or if it will be something closer in fashion to Dead Space: Extraction, but perhaps with Move and Kinect integration — each seem a very real possibility. Really, anything is possible for this franchise, and most gamers would welcome another Dead Space, but only if Visceral and EA take the time to map out a clear future for the franchise.

After arguably overwhelming the market with a ton of content, in the form of movies, downloadable titles, and on-rails shooters, we hope that Dead Space finds a little better focus moving forward. While the title does have some redeeming qualities, and Dead Space 2 was a worthy successor to the first game, an evolution of the concept is needed.

Make no mistake, Dead Space is definitely a franchise worth exploring, but it needs a bit of retooling in order to keep the series feeling fresh. If you’d like to read our thoughts about the future of the franchise you can check them out here.

Needless to say, we are still really excited to see what Visceral Games has in store for the Dead Space series.

What would you like to see out of the Dead Space franchise in the future? Do you think that Dead Space will become a long-standing staple of the survival horror genre?

Source: GamaSutra (via CVG)