Xbox Exclusive Survival Title Vigor Announced at E3 2018

vigor announced at e3 2018

Today, during E3 2018, Microsoft revealed an exclusive Xbox survival title known as Vigor and developed by Bohemia Interactive. The aforementioned developer, responsible for the ARMA series and DayZ, describes Vigor as a cut-throat multiplayer experience. Not too much is currently known about the game, but it doesn't seem likely that Bohemia Interactive will make players wait long before furnishing further details.

Set in post-war Norway, players take on the role of an Outlander in Player-Versus-Player Action that also emphasizes the need to gather materials and resources to survive. It was also revealed that death in combat encounters results in the loss of materials, meaning players will need to be prepared at all times; however, it is worth mentioning that combat is escapable via exit routes on the map.

Moreover, as with most survival titles, crafting plays a major role in Bohemia Interactive's VigorIt is expected to be featured throughout the gameplay and the story, which deals with the leftovers of civilization. After a nuclear bomb leaves central Europe destroyed, survivors find shelter in Norway, which also serves as the main progression center. Check out the official announcement below:

Of course, it seems Vigor is entering a genre that is currently stretched at the seams. For its nuclear, post-apocalyptic setting, it will have Fallout 76 to contend with, and on the PVP survival front, it will have games such as Fortnite to compete with, though slightly different. However, the game looks like it'll be fun for fans of this gaming style, so it may very well be worth a pickup.

Nevertheless, the DayZ developer is looking to get this game out to players this Summer via the Xbox Game Preview Program. Considering Bohemia Interactive is still looking at bringing DayZ to the Xbox Game Preview Program as well, the developer has a busy year ahead of it. Tell us, Ranters, what are you expecting from Vigor? 

Vigor is coming Summer 2018 to Xbox Game Preview.

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