With Darksiders 2‘s release┬áright around the corner, gamers will finally get to see a new perspective on the events featured in Vigil Games‘ first title, from the point of view of War’s brother Death. But even getting to see Death’s side of the events isn’t going to be enough, players still, after completing Darksiders 2, will be looking for Vigil to put out at least two more games, starring the final two horseman of the apocalypse.

But recent developments/shake-ups within publisher THQ have been suggesting otherwise, that new head Jason Rubin might want to take Vigil and put them in charge of a different project after Darksiders 2. Thankfully Vigil Games’ Haydn Dalton has come out to explain that Darksiders 3 is entirely possible, but it might be smaller in scale.

Obviously, as Dalton explains, the success of Darksiders 2 will weigh heavily on THQ’s decisions regarding a sequel, but it’s entirely possible at this point. Dalton says that if the highly anticipated sequel sells between 4 and 5 million units, they could be asked to continue the franchise.

Dalton hypothesizes that if Vigil were given the reigns to a Darksiders 3, though, it would be smaller and scope, allowing the developer to deliver a more polished product. That sounds to us like Darksiders 2, while said to be a much larger game than its predecessor, is lacking in quality. We hope that isn’t the case, because the blend of Zelda-esque dungeon crawling and a new loot-heavy focus sounds like a ton of fun.

Most of this talk about a sequel is all conjecture before Darksiders 2 releases this August, but knowing that the possibility of the franchise continuing is exciting. At some point we had hoped to see Vigil make it to that epic fourth Darksiders — one that featured all four horseman in some sort of 4-player co-op adventure — but it all depends on the sales of this current game.

Do you hope to see a Darksiders 3 in the near future? What are you hopes for the franchise’s next two games?

Darksiders 2 releases August 14, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC.

Source: Video Gamer