Corrupted Saves: A Taste for Variety

Corrupted Saves video games webcomic for Game Rant

What would be the best thing you could get from your favorite video game website? If you answered, “A new favorite weekly video game web-comic,” then hang on because Game Rant’s Corrupted Saves has exactly what you need.

Join Zac Landry and Aaron Leach every week for the same Game Rant-flavored awesome-sauce that you’ve grown accustomed to… only now with pictures!

Game Rant Corrupted Saves Webcomic Issue 022 PacMan

Poor Pac-Man. Before getting work as Namco's most iconic gaming mascot, he led a relatively normal life as an antiques dealer in Sedona. But who could pass up such an opportunity? Few people know however, that Pac-Man isn't naturally yellow at all. He's just extremely jaundiced from eating all those "pellets." Just like any other pill or substance, the effects of his constant pellet binges have required enough liver transplants to let over a dozen back-alley organ dealers retire early. By the time Pac-Man Championship Edition DX came out, it was amazing his body could process the pellets at all. Who knows how many livers he'll need for his new animated series debut or his upcoming 3DS outing? We're thinking about you, Pac.

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