Corrupted Saves: Like Rabbits, Two Worlds of Them

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Reproduction is a funny thing, especially since anyone, and apparently anything, can do it. It doesn't even matter how disappointing or annoying the thing might be. Seriously, bad things reproduce all the time. Terrible movies get sequels constantly. What are they on, like Saw 12 now?

Those parents whose kids are annihilating the DS section at the local game store, they got to reproduce. Katy Perry gets to keep making records. Jim Belushi keeps getting more television shows. Let's face it, if it's terrible, it will find a way to create another version of itself. Gamers who were disappointed in Two Worlds, the 2007 release which was hyped up to compete with the Elder Scrolls series and simply failed to do so, are getting a sequel, whether they know it or not.

Will Two Worlds 2 offer a fun and unique experience, correcting the mistakes of its predecessor? Will the complex and detailed RPG fill a needed gap in the single player fantasy genre on the consoles?  We certainly hope so after the promising E3 2010 demo!

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