3 Video Game Worlds That Are Deceptively Friendly

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Ever look at a video game world and think, “I’d like to live there”? While many of our favorite video game worlds are full of conflict and trouble—it’s part of what makes them so fun to play—others seem incredibly peaceful, like pleasant utopias to retire to.

But one thing is almost universally true: any video game world is probably going to be a whole lot more sinister than it appears on the surface—which is why our knees start to knock as soon as we’re plunked down in overtly sinister places like The Evil Within‘s Beacon Hill Hospital.

If a game environment isn’t riddled with fearsome enemies, it’s probably quite hazardous in other ways—making you scramble to find food or playing havoc with gravity and other laws of physics. These three video game worlds appear cute or utopic on the surface, but they’re also some of the most deceptive in terms of player safety.

Enemies Are Everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom

For a plumber, Mario sure has a wide variety of skills. Maybe we can chalk his insane jumping ability up to reduced gravitational pull in the Mushroom Kingdom? But even if we had Mario’s capabilities upon entering this video game world, it still wouldn’t be a great place to live.

First of all, colorful enemies abound. Goombas, Koopas, and Chain Chomps alike have their sights set on blood, even if you never actually see any blood in the series. While they don’t always bite, their mere touch is enough to cost you health points—but your troubles are greater still. Giant plants threaten to eat you, paintings contain alternate dimensions, and you might end up racing through a go-kart course where gravity sometimes spontaneously switches directions, tossing you into the bright and shiny void.

Also, you know, giant ghosts. Cute and fun though the Mushroom Kingdom may be, the place is actually terrifying thanks to a slew of enemies, a complete disregard for physics, and walking, talking mushroom people.


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