I’m not one for cheesy, romantic things. There are only a handful of chick-flicks I enjoy, romance novels I can read all the way through, and stories of love that don’t make me gag. This might be one of those stories.

Our romance story begins with Anders Howard. There comes a point in life when it’s time to settle down and get married. But how do you go about it? Well, Howard had the most awesome idea.

“I was sitting on the bus wishing that I could do something more memorable than proposing over dinner. Being a game designer by day, I hatched the plan to make a game.”

There have already been a few proposals through video games, like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario Bros. But this is the first time I’ve heard about somebody making the game from scratch.

After gathering a few friends (Jeff Aydelotte, programmer; Thomas Bennet Jobling, animation; Justin Fong, character rig; Ian Buczkowski, sound), they started the process of making a food-based game for Howard’s love, Steffany. When it was completed, Howard asked her to test it.

“I was really nervous about was whether or not the game would be playable from beginning to end. It could have broken, or worse, she might not have been able to figure out how to get to the end by herself since she’s not really a gamer.”

It only takes about three minutes to beat, and Steffany managed to get to the end without any problems. The game itself involves a character that looks like Steffany walking around a city collecting food and booze. As it progresses, a character looking like Howard shows up and helps collect food. Toward the end, the girl gets a bouquet of flowers, love letters, and, of course, a ring. If you are interested, you can play the whole game here.  And if it doesn’t sound cute enough, you can watch it instead.


Lucky for Howard, she agreed to the marry him. Congratulations, and good luck to the couple. Sigh, where can I find a boyfriend as clever as this?

Source: Asylum

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