Even though the highly publicized destruction of the PlayStation Network will be costing Sony more money than most gamers will hope to accumulate in their lifetime, real or virtual ones, little does anyone know that it only cost Bill Gates fifty bucks a piece to a couple of interns to stay late on a Tuesday to create the aforementioned online havoc. Doesn’t it also seem a little odd that Sony continues to feel the sting of this debacle? Maybe, but not if you have the information that we do. Let’s examine it for a moment.

The mix-up on the dates about when PSN would actually be ready again? Those predictions were calculated using Excel, which means Bill’s software played a part in that screw up. The PSN marketing genius who thought it would be a good idea to “welcome back” fans to PSN with a selection of Greatest Hits titles that the majority of them already own? Definitely one of Bill’s people. An inside plant of some sort. The senators and congressmen that keep hassling Sony? Definitely in Bill’s deep political pockets.

It’s not too difficult to see why Mr. Gates may have started to dabble in the devious. It may be the most brilliant pre-E3 strategy ever. With Microsoft realizing that they don’t have much to offer this year unless their fanbase is really into living room arm-flailing or games that rhyme with May-lo or Beers of Thor, they took to the offensive. This has left Sony with a five-hour press conference in which four hours and fifty-nine minutes will be spent explaining and apologizing for PSN, and the last minute will be used to tell people the NGP will cost $400. Well played, Bill. Well played.

Playstation Network Hacked Game Rant Webcomic Issue 036Comic by Zac Landry.