Set The Mood With Video Game Themed Valentine's Day Cards

Video Game Valentines Day Cards

Set The Mood With Video Game Themed Valentine's Day Cards

It's Valentine's Day 2012 and while most gamers will be forced to put down the controller in favor of a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, that doesn't mean the day's festivities can't be imbued with a few video gaming nods. To help give those last minute shoppers a perfect card for their significant other we bring you some video game-themed ones. But just because Valentine's Day is meant to be shared between couples, that doesn't mean the sentiment can't be shared amongst clan members or co-op buddies.


Kinect Valentine Card

Though it can be argued that the best motion control experience is physically completing a task, the second best has got to be Microsoft's Kinect. Not only does Kinect allow players to live out fantasies of cutting fruit and gun slinging, but also it gets everyone, including your significant other, gaming. Just throw on Dance Central 2, and show her all the sweet moves you learned.

Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 Valentine Card

Even though Valentine's Day is meant to be shared between significant others that doesn't mean two close friends, perhaps your favorite co-op buddy, can't share their affections as well. And what better way to celebrate than with brothers to the end, Marcus Fenix and Dom from Gears of War 3.

Having spent an entire trilogy together, Marcus and Dom have seen it all and grown to be more than just comrades, but family. Of course, they would never let their feelings get in the way of curb stomping some Locust.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic Valentine Card

With over 200+ hours of content per character class, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a relationship's worse nightmare. Offering not just Knights of the Old Republic 3, but 4 through 9, the game delivers so much content that every person's significant other will know its sound effects well, and learn to hate them. But, what if there was a way to compromise? Simply set them up with their own account and give them some time with BioWare's opus, and it won't be long before their heart as cold as Hoth begins to melt.

Uncharted 3

Uncharted Valentine Card

Nathan Drake is always looking for treasure, from the highest peaks of the Alps to the largest deserts in Africa, yet he never forgets the main ladies in his life. Uncharted 2 might have seen Drake balancing two girls at a time, but Uncharted 3 established who the main gal and the real treasure in his life is. Sit your significant other down next to you, fire up the game's cruise liner sequence, and if they aren't transfixed when things start getting topsy turvy, then they just aren't the right one for you.

LA Noire

LA Noire Valentine Card

Detective Cole Phelps might not have had the best of luck with the ladies, but when presented with a problem he was steadfast in his beliefs, just like you should be with your significant other. Sure, at times they might trick or deceive you, but at the end of the day you're both just trying to uncover the real truth: your feelings. And now, with the help of LA Noire, it's easier to tell they're not lying when they say they love you.

Portal 2

Portal 2 Valentine Card

P-Body and Atlas, the two stars of Portal 2's cooperative section, are the closest one can get to a perfect duo based solely on the fact they are programmed that way. Whilst each is well suited to accomplish the goals of a single player campaign, it is by helping each other that they can make their way through GlaDOS' nightmarish series of test chambers. Sometimes it might be hard to get your feelings across, especially if you’re a robot, but just giving a helping hand can say all that needs to be said.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Valentine Card

Stemming from one of the most popular video games of last year, Skyrim, this "arrow to the knee" meme took the video gaming world by storm and created a cultural phenomenon. Unfortunately, for all the different ways gamers figured out to riff on the formula, not enough attention was paid to his plight. Without a loving family to come home to, being off the trail of adventure feels even more painful. Thankfully, yet another arrow, one belonging to a Mr. Cupid, was headed his way.


Video Game Valentines Day Cards

We hope that at least one, if not all, of these video game themed Valentine's Day cards helped brighten up your significant other's day, but if not at least you got a kick out of giving one. And just think, once the day's events are over, you can return to the world of Tamriel, the battlegrounds of Star Wars, or continue your quest for hidden treasure knowing you made the day a memorable one.

Which of these Valentine's Day cards is your favorite? Of the many gaming icons that exist, which would you most like to spend a Valentine's Day with?

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