Titanfall Trends 2014

Now that 2013 falling deeper into the past and the Game of the Year has been crowned, it is time to look towards the future and try to predict where the gaming world is headed over the next 12 months. While unfortunately Game Rant isn’t in possession of a crystal ball, this list will make up for that in recognizing trends, figuring out what they might mean and where they might lead the industry.

With a new generation of consoles now available, 2014 is bound to be a nestling year for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as they get cozy in gamer-friendly living rooms. With games like inFamous: Second Son and Titanfall dropping early this year and developers getting more experience with each system, gamers are bound to get better and better new generation games.

Although, besides ‘better experiences’ on the new consoles, what else can we look forward to in 2014? Here is a list of things to keep your eyes out for in the coming year.

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