Over the last decade, video games have not only taken over our living rooms as a primary and mainstream form of entertainment, an industry that earns more revenue than films do around the world, but they’ve implanted themselves in pop culture.

From memes and video game celebrities, to world-record-breaking crowdfunding campaigns and pro-gaming tournaments for a million dollars, gaming is here and it’s here to stay. And just like film and television help highlight and build trends in fashion, so to are video games beginning to do so.

With video branded clothing, from graphic tees (for practically any game) to developer-specific shops (see: BioWare’s online store), we’re not only seeing our fave characters and game logos on clothing, but we’re beginning to see clothing based on characters. Companies like Musterbrand earning our attention for their stylish clothes lines for titles including Hitman, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Uncharted and more, we thought we’d delve into some of our favorite games to see what character costumes and accessories we’d be willing to wear.

Deus Ex, Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed – these are just some of the game franchises featuring slick clothing real people can pull off. Check out this cool feature on 10 cool video game outfits we’d actually wear and let us know what games feature the coolest and most practical costumes for you!


Source: Green-Label