If you know music, then you sure as heck know of the electronic music duo The Crystal Method and trance DJ Paul Oakenfold. Masters of their craft and with experience in producing music for video games, Crystal Method and Oakenfold are at it again, this time for music videos made from in-game footage.

The videos come from MYOELECTRIC, a crew who speciailize in using gameplay footage to make video game trailers and montages, as part of The Machinima Music Video Series. The series began last week with the premiere of The Crystal Method’s brand new track accompanying an animated video using footage from Borderlands and last night, the second video in the series released using Grand Theft Auto 4 to a sweet tune by Oakenfold.

The first video in the Machinima series launched August 8th with the world premiere of “Play for Real” by The Crystal Method and it garnered over 400,000 views in less than a week. Check out the video below, followed by Paul Oakenfold’s “Tokyo” which launched last night.

The Crystal Method – Play For Real

Paul Oakenfold – Tokyo

Paul Oakenfold (The Bourne Conspiracy) and The Crystal Method (Splinter Cell) are no strangers to the industry and as Oakenfold said it himself, electronic music is a natural fit for video games and it totally shows in the Grand Theft Auto 4 footage used for his video. It’s a shame the creators didn’t see the latest video for the GTAIV icEnhancer mod, which ups the graphics of the vehicles to the point where one could say the footage was from an alpha build of Grand Theft Auto 5.

If you’re a fan of the tracks, you can nab “Play For Real” from┬áThe Crystal Method exclusively at The Crystal Method’s official web store.┬áPaul Oakenfold’s newest artist album ‘Pop Killer’ is scheduled for imminent release featuring The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Gnarls Barkley, One Republic and B.O.B. and you can check out his work on iTunes.

What gameplay footage would you like turned into a new electronic music video?

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