Gold farmers, you just got served.

World of Warcraft not only generated a turtle boat load of revenue for Blizzard but it also gave rise to countless gold farmers around the world who trade in-game currency for real life cash. But really, why trade in-game digital fiction for cash when you can just sell your children. Literally.

You’re no doubt confused and wondering what it is I’m speaking of so there’s no other way to say it than to just lay it out: People are now selling children to play video games.

According to ABC News Radio, a young Chinese couple sold all three (all 3!) of their children for money in order to fulfill their higher priority need of playing games in an internet cafe. That actually happened.

The couple, both under 21, met four years ago in an internet cafe and have since had three children together. Li Lin and Li Juan’s first child was a boy and after giving birth to their second child, a little girl, they used logic to determine that kids = money = more hours of video games. So, they sold their daughter for around $500 and later, sold their firstborn for $4600. They had a third cash-in… I mean, child, later and also sold him for another $4600.

Li Lin’s mommy found out about the couple’s idiotic decisions and turned them in, and when questioned about these ridiculous happenings, they had this to say:

“We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.”

Oh, that explains it.

Someone needs to get GameFly out in China and quick. In all seriousness, I’m curious as to what online games were so addictive that they abandoned their children to play.

What would you do for your favorite game?

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Source: ABC