10 Video Game Mash-Up Cosplays We Wish We'd Thought Up

A mashup cosplay is when you take two totally different fandoms and put them together into a costume. For example, Jasmine from Aladdin dressed as a Jedi from Star Wars or Sailor Moon as a keyblade wielder from Kingdom Hearts. Such cosplays take a lot of forethought and creativity. Sure, lots of people could be familiar with the characters, but how will you make it so both fandoms are recognized as one?

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10 Overwatch And World Of Warcraft

Mei from Overwatch is a Chinese climatologist who uses weather-altering devices to fight her opponents. Her character has been combined with the World of Warcraft character, the Lich King. The two of them suit each other because they are both connected by having ice elements to their characters. So, together, they make Mei, the Lich Queen. She is easily recognizable but has the intimidating skull and armor pieces along with the weapon that the Lich King is known for.

Cosplay was done by Naetori.

9 Pokémon Go And Sailor Moon

A lot of mashup cosplays can be done with Pokémon as well as Sailor Moon, so why not put two and two together? The sailor scouts are easily recognized by their diverse colors and hair, and Pokémon accessories are typically recognized even by non-fans. These cosplayers are wearing the default outfit from the Pokémon Go mobile game while also dressed as sailor scouts.

Cosplayers include Pudding Cosplay and Photography as Sailor Moon, NebulaNeko Cosplay as Sailor Mercury, SkyKat Cosplay as Sailor Mars, AlyCat Cosplay as Sailor Jupiter, and Felicia Dark as Sailor Venus. Photography was done by Chiseled Light Photography.

8 Link and Samus

Here we have Zero Suit Samus from Metroid combined with Link from The Legend of Zelda. The two series are very different since one is science fiction and the other is fantasy. This cosplayer managed to combine those elements, though, by making the sword see-through, keeping Link's iconic cap, and applying some fairy imagery to the skin-tight spacesuit.

Other works this cosplayer had done include characters from Xenoblade Chronicles, League of Legends, Kingdom Hearts, and more. The talented cosplayer is known as Kohalu Cosplay.

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7 Mario And Fallout

You do not get better opposing forces than Fallout and Mario. One is a cynical game out how humanity destroyed itself and another is about a plumber trying to save a princess. However, the Fallout series is pretty accessible when it comes to mashup ideas. This cosplay, who unfortunately is unknown, did a fantastic job at making Mario recognizable but dirtied and armored for an apocalypse setting.

Obviously though, the best aspect of this cosplay is the Deathclaw head he is holding. It resembles Bowser from the Mario games.

6 Diablo And Nintendo Characters

These gorgeous characters are Samus from Metroid, Peach from the Mario series, and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda. They are in the style of the Diablo games, with the pointy weapons and armor. Samus is cosplayed by Danielle Beaulieu, Peach by Jessica Nigri, and Zelda by Friscoblondie. The colors are fantastic, and Peach's Bowser shield is something very special. It really makes us wish these cosplays could be used in a real Nintendo game.

5 Kingdom Hearts And Disney Princesses

Kingdom Hearts is a mashup of its own since it is the creation of a partnership between Square Enix and Disney. Most Disney princesses can be found in the game, but not like how these cosplayers are envisioning. These are the princesses as keyblade warriors.

It is the keyblades that are the real stars of these cosplays. Pocahontas' is particularly colorful and is a great throwback to the Colors of the Wind song from her film. Also, it obviously wasn't done on purpose, but a Belle with tattoos looks very awesome. They also did great touch-ups to the outfits by adding armor and shortening the long dresses. Unfortunately, these cosplayers are unknown.

4 Star Wars And Frozen

Disney princesses and Star Wars mashups are way more common than you would at first think. These cosplayers are Life of Shel as Anna,Ashlynne Dae as Elsa, and Eberle Cosplay as Hans. They did a photoshoot with photographer York in a Box, along with a bunch of other Disney faces as Star Wars bounty hunters such as Mulan, Rapunzel, Hiccup, Tinkerbell, Snow White, Pocahontas, Ariel, and Aurora.

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3 Princess Peach And Furiosa

Here we have a Furiosa cosplayer, but with a Nintendo twist. Despite how it looks, Mario Kart is a lot like Mad Max: Fury Road in its own special way. After all, you are throwing bombs, hitting each other, and throwing road obstacles for others to crash into. So in a way, this mashup makes sense. The cosplayer is Seelix and she named the character "Imperator Peachiosa."

The best part is definitely how they made the character's arm into a piranha plant. A lot of love went into the details tough, such as the crown at her hip, the belt, and the shell armor.

2 Final Fantasy 7 And Fast Food Mascots

Mashups do not get more silly than this. Where we have Ronald McDonald, the McDonald's mascot, as Sephiroth and Colonel Sanders, the mascot for KFC, as Cloud. This photo was shot by Steve Burt at the 2008 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and the cosplayers are unknown.

There is something very unsettling about Sephiroth in bright red, white, and yellow colors and clown make-up. Also, it appears his sword is made of french fries while Cloud Sanders is fighting him with fried chicken. Anime hair actually looks kind of good on the Colonel.

1 Pokémon And Games Of Thrones

This cosplayer dubbed himself, "Ash Stormrider," and was a big deal at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. He decorated his cosplay with three dragon-type Pokémon such as two mega-Charizards on his shoulders and a regular Charizard on his head. He holds a box, but instead of dragon eggs, it holds three Pokéballs. He also held a House Targaryen flag, but with a three-headed Charizard instead of a regular dragon. Under the Charizard and written in Game of Thrones' font are the words "Like No One Ever Was." The cosplayer is Shaylor Duranleau.

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