How Much Do Video Game Houses Cost?

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Ah, homeownership. While it may now seem like a distant dream to many members of the next generation, at least gamers can still experience the joy of owning land in a large variety of digital adventures. But what exactly would it cost to buy a pixelated palace in the real world? As it turns out, many iconic video game abodes are actually pretty affordable, according to a new report done by L&C Mortgage in London.

Arguably the best bang for your buck is Breezehome, a humble little home in the city of Whiterun from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. While it may set the Dragonborn back 5,000 Septims without furnishings, it would only run potential adventures $12,476 when converted to the real world. That's pretty impressive considering it features 3 bedrooms, depending on how players choose to customize it, as well as a kitchen and mid-sized living room. The lack of a proper bathroom or a central cooling system may be a bit of a turn off for some, but it's hard to beat the view of the Throat of The World. However, it's probably wise to invest in homeowner's insurance with fool dragon attack coverage.

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For people on a budget, the best option comes from another major Bethesda RPG, Fallout 4. The Home Plate, located conveniently in the heart of Diamond City, might cost the Lone Survivor 2,000 Caps, but future feral ghouls in the real world would only be looking at a meager $881, which is roughly the cost of a mid-spec gaming PC. The home may be more than a tad bit dilapidated and certainly not in the best neighborhood, but it's probably worth it for a place that will provide nuclear survivors with walls to protect them from the scarred hellscape of the Wasteland.

Of course, some people value tranquility and small towns above all else. Unfortunately, these types of things come at a fairly steep cost. While the protagonist of Stardew Valley was lucky enough to inherit their farm, most people don't have grandparents just throwing free real estate at them. Instead, they'll be looking at shelling out a total of 2,276,220 gold for the property, along with all upgrades. This translates to 558,800 American Whacky Bucks, so players will grow more than a few potatoes to recuperate their loss.

These properties are relatively inexpensive, given how much you get. While they lack some basic features, like irrigation, each house is a potential dream home with the right amount of effort.  Unfortunately, gamers will still have to trade in an absurd amount of games to afford even the least expensive of homes.

Source:L&C Mortgages

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